Learning About Changing Electric Supplliers

I had never taken the time to look into the alternative electric supply companies in my area until I talked with my neighbor about how much she was saving on her electric bill since she made the change. She told me about how Reliant energy in Texas helped her to reduce the cost of her electricity during the long, harsh winter.

This change was something that I never did because I wasn’t completely sure about how the system worked. I misunderstood what the letters that came in the mail were trying to tell me. The way that I understood it, I would no longer be dealing with the electric company that I have used since I bought my house twenty years ago. I thought that changing the suppliers meant changing the electric company completely.

Once I found out that nothing would change as far as how I make my payments and call about problems that I have with my service, I knew that I had to go ahead and make the change. My neighbor showed me on her electric bill how the new supplier’s fees would be displayed on my bill and how I could compare the rates of the alternative supplier versus the electric company.

I am so glad that my neighbor took the time to share all of this information with me. Had it not been for her, I would never have made the change and I would still be paying more for my electric usage than I need to.

Now, I just have to remember to contact the new supplier at the end of my contract to rework the terms and ensure that I continue to pay the lowest possible amount for the electricity that I need to power all of the electronics, my stove, my washer and dryer and my furnace all winter long.